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By T&T – Tehnică și Tehnologie, the most known Romanian specialized industrial magazine, Tehnic Media meets the requirements of specialists in the following fields: machine building industry, automotive, automation, electrical engineering, energetics, industrial engineering and related fields as: metallurgy, manufacturing industries, plastics. The specialized magazine T&T – Tehnică și Tehnologie is an indispensable tool for the specialists in any industrial company, useful to keep abreast with the state-of-the-art technology.


Having the information clearly structured into the sections: Processing Technologies - Machine Tools,Tools, Measurement and control devices, Mechanical transmissions, Lubricants, Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Automation, Electrical Equipment, Plastics, CAD / CAM / PLM / PDM / ERP Industrial software, Management and Quality, Technologies (various manufacturing technological systems), Energy, Logistics, Labour Safety or industrial events and fairs, the website aims to become an optimum platform for information, communication and interaction of specialists in Romania.


Tehnic Media, by leading the activity of the T&T – Tehnică și Tehnologie magazine, actively involved for over twelve years on the metalworking industrial market, acquired in the industrial environment the need for a quality event to respond as well as possible to the professional expectations and requests of the participants. Starting from this point and focusing on practical demonstrations with the latest equipment, as well as on the interaction and connection of participants, we designed a new type of event dedicated to that industry. Thus, in 2012, it was released Demo Metal, the first specialized event dedicated to metalworking industry in Romania and in 2017, was launched Demo Plast, the first specialized event dedicated to the plastics processing industry in Romania.

Tehnic Media
Tehnic Media
Tehnic Media