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image “Future ready” eCulture hotspot. A technological vanguard site and a guide to a smart way of life. is a platform opening new perspectives on knowledge of the future, which is being quickly redefined by new technologies. is a multi-author blog dedicated to future, an outpost for watching technological innovations, concepts and practices that are pushing the world forward – companies, cities, and people – towards a smarter and more sustainable future. Two large categories intertwine in the site content: “smart working & manufacturing” and “smart life & living”. By presenting new technologies, intends to highlight the directions in which the continuously-evolving concept of “smart everything” expands and takes shape and how it will change our way of living. brings together a mix of advanced, vanguard perspectives, approaches and brands, large and leading companies or start-ups, the “game changers” of the beginning of this millennium, the visions and innovations of which will define the bases for the future way of living through information and content appropriate for business and individual purposes.

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